I was born in France and spent my childhood living in Pakistan, India, Thailand and other parts of South-East Asia, where I attended American International Schools. My earliest exposure to clay occurred as a boy living in New Delhi, India when local potters visited my school to demonstrate their throwing techniques using primitive hand powered wooden pottery wheels that rested on the ground. Seemingly effortless, they made large kalshi, globular water jars, out of an iron red earthen clay. The technical virtuosity and creative spirit of these potters stayed with me and had a profound impression on my future path. I later enrolled in my first ceramics class as a high school student and never stopped working in clay.

My current work represents my involvement in Raku, stoneware glazed and wood-fired ceramics which began as a student in Kyoto, Japan many years ago. I prepare my own clays and glazes with (sometimes local) materials containing the subtle hues of nature itself. My recent focus has been on anagama wood-fired natural ash glazed ceramics made and fired at my studio and kiln in Elkins, New Hampshire, along with gas-fired glazed stoneware pieces.

The firing of my work is often collaborative and may take a few days to achieve desired effects, especially in the case of the anagama wood-firings. The firing process directly influences the patina and character of the work, creating an earthy organic surface quality subtle coloration. Exploring the expressive possibilities in porcelain and stoneware provides for unlimited opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the inherent challenges of the medium.